Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer

The gsequencer binary provides you a user interface. It allows you to play, capture and create music. There is a piano roll, automation and wave form editor. It has machines for playing drum samples, Soundfont2 sound containers and synthesizers. They usually can be connected to a MIDI input source (instrument).

All sources need to be connected to the sink provided by AgsPanel, thus the properties dialog from machine's context menu is responsible. The engine is extensible by following plugin formats: LADSPA, DSSI, LV2 and VST3. It has support for various audio backends like ALSA, Pulseaudio, JACK, OSSv4, WASAPI and CoreAudio.

save or open Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer XML files with XPath support
add or remove audio engines with adjustable audio channels and pads
link channels with property dialog
output panel, mixer, spectrometer, equalizer, drum and matrix sequencer, soft synth, FM soft synth, SF2 synth, SFZ synth, audio file player and recorder
piano roll with basic notation editing supporting copy & paste
adjustable BPM
LADSPA, DSSI, Lv2 and VST3 support
export to WAV, FLAC, OGG and fast export for AgsAudiorec
multiple sinks/sources like Pulseaudio, JACK, ALSA, OSSv4, WASAPI and CoreAudio
automation editor
waveform editor
MIDI instrument playback
Standard MIDI File import/export
envelope editor per step sequencer or instrument
OSC content format support and listening server using IPv4/IPv6 over UDP/TCP
AGS-OSC-OVER-XMLRPC providing basic HTTP Authentication and monitoring by WebSockets
tic based system default max sync-rate upto 1000 Hz
GObject-Introspection annotations of libags, libags-audio and libags-gui.




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